Welcome to the James Resource Network
Art Exhibition and Sale!

The JRN will receive 30% of all sales made through this art sale. We are so grateful for the artists participating in this event and the philanthropic hearts they bring with them!

Some of the prices listed include shipping and handling charges. Be sure to look carefully to understand individual shipping information and charges. Also, if you are are having any item shipped as a gift, please include your phone number and/or email address so we can contact you for any additional information needed (personal note, etc.).
Thank you for your interest in supporting our organization and our single parent families!
We sincerely appreciate YOU!!

Marge Margulies

Fiber Arts

Jandel Allen Davis

Giclee Prints

Elaine St. Louis

Hand Painted Glass

Mindy Sand


Phyllis Cahill

Dalene Smith

Leah Sturgis


Heje Corrigan

Bonnie Cutts

Sue Kalicki

Cynthia Starkweather Nelson

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