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June 2021

This month, I would like to share more with you about James Resource Network’s vision for attainable housing. The core of our mission is to provide housing and supportive programs for single parent families who are experiencing a variety of challenges, which are many times exacerbated by the high cost of housing.

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May 2021

Happy May! Springtime is a celebration of color, beauty and life. All of us at James Resource Network encourage honoring mothers throughout the year, but in the month of May we especially remember the women who raised, shaped and scarified for us.

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April 2021

Spring has sprung! It has always been my favorite time of year, with our hours of daylight getting longer and the promise of new life springing up all around us. Let us all believe that this spring will lead to new beginnings for all of the James Resource Network families who, in this last year, have experienced unprecedented challenges heaped on top of their usual responsibilities.

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March 2021

Last month marked the 20th anniversary of my original mission and vision for James Resource Network. It is gratifying that 20 years later we are still on track with my original goals and we are moving forward each month in successfully continuing our work for our clients.

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February 2021

As we settle into the new year and the chilly winter months, I am graced with having the time to reflect upon our vision and our goals for attainable housing.

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January 2021

We enter this new year filled with a renewed sense of grace and hope that we will all endure less struggle, hardship, fear and uncertainty.

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