On May 6, 2012 James Resource Network hosted our first ever Mother’s Day Pampering Event at SheShe’s Corner. This event was open to single mothers in the Denver Metro area. The event was so well received that it filled up just hours after the announcement of the event was made. Because of the generous donated services of three nail technicians, three makeup professionals, two massage therapists, and three hair stylists, we were able to offer an plethora of services for these deserving mothers. Without the donated child care, many of the mothers would not have been able to attend.

Rosalee Rodda has been a client of James Resource Network for years, and had this to say about her experience at the Mother’s Day Pampering Event. “I am a single mother of one beautiful little red haired girl. I have been involved with James Resource Network for four years, my daughter is five now, and its been such a blessing from God for me. I think the one word that I always think of is lavish. Whether its the spa day that we did today, or a Christmas tea. Its like they go above and beyond. They really are trying to make us feel special, and they do! I so appreciate that. I had my nails done for the first time in six years today and had a massage, and my hair and make up done all for Mothers Day. And it really reminds me that God loves me very much, especially with such special people in the world. Thank you!”



Michelle, and her daughter, Caity, made all the food for our lovely event. Thank you!

Sharyl giving a manicure to one of our very deserving clients.

Lynn, Michelle and Anna welcoming the guests at the registration table!

Tracy and Kristi, who donated their services, enjoy conversation with mom, Megan.

Lyndee and Heje welcome the women for their day of pampering!