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Our Mission

Provide supportive services, resources and attainable housing for single-parent families in the Denver metro area in order to achieve family stability and self-sufficiency.

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Mother’s Day Outreach

Spring into Action!

Our goal has been the same for the last 20 years

The everyday life of a single-parent family is often filled with worry and hopelessness, loss of control and fear. The James Resource Network works to alleviate this fear and embrace our families with the expectation that life can and will be better. You have partnered with us in attaining these goals and we are asking you to join us once again in our Mother’s Day Spring Outreach to our families.

Springtime reminds us that what seems to be lifeless can be renewed both spiritually and physically. Easter and Passover give hope for a fresh start and Mother’s Day is a chance to honor the sacrifices Moms make for their families every day. You can help by extending support and hope to our Moms this Mother’s Day, which could not only change their lives for a day or a week, but also give them encouragement to keep fighting the good fight in the future.

A Gift for Mothers

This fundraising goal is simple and attainable. We serve 250 families in our community and plan to send each of them a gift card with a minimum value of $50, including sweet words of encouragement and greetings for Mother’s Day. Know that the entire amount we raise—that YOU can donate—will be given to our 250 families. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $12,500.

$50 can be the answer to a hole in the grocery budget, an opportunity to pay an overdue bill, buy clothing for the kids, celebrate Mom with a special gift, or give them a bit of extra “mad” money, which is often a rarity for many of our families. YOUR gift of $50 or more will help provide for these Mothers and families. $50 will support one family, $100 will support two families and $250 will support five families, it’s that simple.

This outreach also opens an opportunity for communication from our families. Whenever we reach out, they reach back. We learn about a current crisis, a specific need, or other new challenges that the James Resource Network can help with. It might be a problem with money for rent, a need for a job, the inability to pay for insurance or childcare, or another issue they may be facing. This allows us to respond to these individuals one-on-one and help bring solutions to their challenges.

Beyond Dollars and Cents

The value of this gift helps our families in countless ways beyond the dollar amount alone. It reminds them that they are part of a loving community that does not, and will not, forget them. It reminds them that we are all here to love and support them and provide them with a community of resources.

You make our mission work, and we are so grateful!

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Sandra Coen

Founder, James Resource Network

James 1:27

“True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles.”