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Our Mission

Provide supportive services, resources and attainable housing for single-parent families in the Denver metro area in order to achieve family stability and self-sufficiency.

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Our Vision for Attainable Housing

Our Goal is to Provide Housing and Supportive Programs

James Resource Network’s vision for attainable housing is to provide housing and supportive programs for single parent families who are experiencing a variety of challenges which are many times exasperated by the high cost of housing. This would afford families an opportunity to live in a stable home environment in a community setting while increasing the family’s ability to become self-sufficient. While some revenue will be created for JRN through sliding scale rates for rent, daycare, healthcare and education, the primary purpose of the project and associated programs is to give an opportunity for a long-term stable living environment for low income and below median income single parent families, while encouraging self-sufficiency through education and vocational training.

The Benefits

The target audience to receive the benefit from attainable housing will be single parent families who are at 50% or less of the median income of the geographic area in the Denver metropolitan region. Our goal is to keep families as close to their community and support system as possible to avoid further trauma of multiple moves, job changes, as well as possible frequent changes in schools and friends for the children. We are actively working with local government, businesses, churches, civic organizations and those in the real estate field to obtain the most reasonable housing possible. This program will not only benefit the recipients, but also the community as a whole as we partner together to proactively strive to provide support to single parent families in the area, who could not otherwise afford to stay in the area. All of the property acquisition would most likely fall below market value for purchase, when averaging the potentiality of donated or partially donated property, plus the added value of using volunteer labor and materials for refurbishing.

Our Future Plans

The attainable housing program in the Denver metro area involves obtaining or constructing a multi-unit townhome or apartment complex with 30-50 units. This multi-unit dwelling would include a daycare facility, day health clinic and community center for life skill classes and training. JRN also has plans to develop a retreat center 1-2 hours outside of Denver which would have five to seven homes on the land and will serve as a family retreat / camp for the single parent families to experience country life, animal therapy as well as outdoor activities such as gardening and fishing. The parents could have a break to have fellowship with other parents while participating in some life skills activities.

JRN welcomes cash and non-cash full market value donations such as land, buildings, automobiles, precious metals which can be converted or used to fund attainable housing.

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Sandra Coen

Founder, James Resource Network

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James 1:27

“True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles.”