Sustaining Community and Family

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new video to tell the story of James Resource Network, past, present and future. Please take a moment to view…

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Our Mission

To provide single-parent families quick access to hope and supportive services to achieve family stability and self-sufficiency (live).

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Our Background:

A letter from Sandra Coen: Founder of James Resource Network

When I found myself a single mother with three daughters, getting by on an income 70% lower than that before a divorce I did not want, I faced the same overwhelming problems every single mother confronts.

From a place of pain, came the vision known today as James Resource Network – a circle of support under girding single parents with children. It became clear to me that this needed to be approached holistically – body, soul, and spirit. With first-hand knowledge of many of the physical and emotional challenges facing families like mine, the dream to develop a community resource network was born – and is now growing – into the James Resource Network.

Through the support and services provided by the James Resource Network, we see the prospect of families being restored to wholeness, hope, stability, and a future filled with possibilities.

I welcome you as part of the James Resource Network.

Sandra Coen

Founder and Executive Director